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       Wanwei cement is focus on the company’s strategy of environmental protection, make the use of the waste residue in the production of PVA. One of three based industries of Wanwei group company, having good environmental and economic benefits.

       The company has three clinker production lines with the capacity 7000 tons/day; has 4 sets of cement mill with the annual output about 300 millions tons of cement and clinker, 1 million tons of industrial waste residues will be used per year. The main products including ordinary silicate 42.5grade, 52.5grade, composite silicate 32.5grade and so on. The composite cement have a good fame in the market because of it high performance, high strength, high durability and so on.The company’s cement products have pass the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, awarded the title of national inspection-free. Cement production line use the of dry-fire precalcining technology, six steps of preheating and precalcining technology, it’s the advanced method in the world. Making a solid foundation for the Wanwei group company’s development.

       Wanwei cement made a great contribution for the construction of city, both inside and outside of the province. Including in the construction of highway, high-speed railway, hotel, university, residential subdistrict and so on.

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Specification and quality standards


Strength gradegrade

Quality standard


Implementation atandard

ordinary silicate cement



50kg/bag or bulk


composite silicate cement




slag silicate cement




Silicate cementclinker




Main technical and performance characteristics

       “Wanwei” brand cement (P.O 52.5 grade、P.O 42.5 grade、P.C 32.5grade) is made from Silicate cement clinker、6%-15%(P.C 32.5grade≤35%)mixed material and gypsum
The clinker have three production lines, one line with 6000mt per day, one line with 1000mt per day using the dry method, one line with 1000mt per day using the wet method. The equipment was imported from abroad, using the advanced technical skill of decomposing furnace and so on.

一、Main performance
1、High strength, Rapid hardening;
2、Good frost and wear resistance, good water impermeability;
二、Scope of application
1、General ground and underground engineering.
2、No corrosion water engineering
3、P.O42.5 grade cement subject to the engineering with high strength requirement at the beginning.
4、P.O52.5 grade cement apply to C60 or above requirements.
5、Low temperature environment engineering.
6、Not applicable for large volume concrete engineering and chemical corrosion engineering.
7、Apply to bridge engineering with high durability requirement.


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